Johnny’s G35 Coupe


Less is More

What we have here is one our loyal customer’s Infiniti G35. We thank Johnny for bringing in this beauty of a car. We were able to do some great work for him while following his vision for his beloved car — keeping things simple. To him, less is more. Although the car at first glance looks very simple, a true car enthusiast would come to appreciate what this car is equipped with.


Johnny wanted a vehicle that wasn’t too flashy, just something that he can commute around town without drawing too much attention, but at the same time looking classy. It definitely isn’t your ordinary G35, and believe it or not, it is more than 10 years old! Wondering why it looks different than the average G35? — its wearing a front Nismo bumper with Nismo carbon front splitter, ChargeSpeed rear bumper with carbon diffuser, Impul side skirts, and a Hikkatadori trunk.


The Stance

We worked on Johnny’s G35′s suspension extensively. This G’s sitting low on BC Racing adjustable coil overs, SPC camber kits, all EnergySuspension bushings, WhiteLine suspension end links, and more. Believe it, we were able to keep all wheel alignments on spec! The car rides super smooth.

Last but not least, cannot forget about the shoes on this G, the Work VS-XX. These were custom ordered straight from Japan. It was a long wait to get these made and shipped in — 8 months! But we have to say, it was worth it. These wheels are wide and staggered, really puts a statement on the car!

Thanks Johnny for bringing your car to us, it was a great pleasure to work on, definitely one of our favourites.


  • And Here Is What Our Client Has to Say About Us

  • I cannot thank you enough AutoLogics, your great efforts and service has allowed me to build my car just exactly how I want it!

    Author's imageJohnny TranOwner of Vehicle


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